Campfire S’mores Protein Bars



Finally, a “No Compromise” Protein Bar

With 20g of high-quality whey protein and only 4g of sugar, our Campfire S’mores protein bars are bursting with flavour and the very distinct texture of graham cracker crumbs.

The vanilla and chocolate topping combined with the texture will open your senses to a crackling campfire.  We’ve left out all artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners; and instead, rely on delicious chunks of real graham cracker, dark chocolate and vanilla  to achieve an authentic, enjoyable taste.

But we’ve gone even further to ensure that our bars offer superior, balanced, all natural nutrition.  Rather than use preservatives, cheap filler ingredients or low quality grains, we’ve chosen to pack our protein bars with high quality, all natural superfoodschia seedsquinoa flakeshemp hearts and golden flaxseed.  These superfoods deliver a level of nourishment well beyond anything offered by traditional protein bars.

Once you try our Performance Line protein bars, you’ll agree that they are the heartiest, healthiest, tastiest and most satisfying protein bars available!

Perfect as a…

    • Pre-Workout Meal
    • Post-Workout Recovery Supplement
    • Low-Carb Meal Replacement
    • All Natural On-The-Go Snack
    • Healthy Gluten Free Snack

Our Performance Line protein bars are all natural.  To maintain the highest quality, store in the fridge or freezer.


Ingredients: whey protein isolate, peanut butter, prebiotic fibre (IMO)*, chia seeds, graham cracker crumbs (pea starch, non-hydrogenated palm oil shortening (palm oil, modified palm oil), potato starch, brown rice flour, brown sugar, sweet rice flour, tapioca starch, water, rice bran, cane sugar, molasses, glucose, salt, sodium bicarbonate, pea protein, pure vanilla extract, cellulose, pea fibre, guar gum, inulin, soy lecithin, mono calcium phosphate), honey, natural vanilla extract, natural yogurt topping (sugarcane, palm kernel oil, nonfat dry milk, cultured whey protein concentrate, cultured skim milk, non-GMO soy lecithin, salt), natural dark chocolate coating (sugarcane, palm kernel oil, cocoa powder, whole milk powder, non-GMO soy lecithin, salt), quinoa flakes, hemp hearts, golden flaxseed, dried sweet potato, rice extract. *Isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO) are prebiotic fibre derived from tapioca root.

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